Jour trois although very long was filled with many inspirational speakers-as well as the other days of this conference lol! My favorite speaker of the day suprisingly is a three-way tie! Susan Goldberg, Brian Lamb, and Mike Shear were all so enthusiastic about their jobs and really knew how to connect with us kids on a more personal level. It must have been through their years of experience and many speaking opportunities that they each knew how to really nail their talks.

Susan Goldberg showed both heart-warming and heart-wrenching pictures from her many successful years at National Gerographic as an Editor in Chief and a former photojournalist. She explained how to tell a story through one’s work by making a difference and doing what others can’t. She also mentioned that while knowing who you are, be part of the conversation while acting urgently. Nat Geo must have incredible resources to achieve the surreal photos and stories that they do. I was especially blown away by the clarity of the photos and how someone can get that amazing picture without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Brian Lamb of C-Span was probably the most engaging of the speakers as he would walk up to us to ask questions and really try to find the root our answers. He would listen to our comments while only revealing his bias a few times and just to show a different point of view. I was a little nervous when he started asking us questions about our preferred presidential candidate and why, but he made sure that nothing became too heated and that most people could explain themselves. I am constantly surprised at how much “hate” for certain nominees and parties arise from high schoolers considering that 95% of us can’t even vote, nonetheless it was interesting to hear difference of opinions from students across the United States and even Puerto Rico! Brian Lamb did a good job of prodding a specific thought, but not to the extent that it was annoying because he just wanted to make sure we could back up our own statements.

I’ll be honest that I didn’t listen to Mike Shear’s whole spiel, but what I did hear was interesting because he talked about things that we could relate to as teenagers. He revealed his resilience to fight the White House to  get the access for the best news stories possible and his beliefs that the press had a right to report. He emphasized to push back becuase there’ll always be resistance to any reporter getting the real story. He also mentioned that journalists have a responsibility to set their opinions aside when revealing the story. Journalism should be without bias, but often the complete opposite is what ends up happening. Everything is about relationships and trusting those around you becuase they will most likely be the ones helping you with your career. #Obalmonds