Today we got to meet the lovely, inspirational Hoda Kotb! Wow! I had watched Hoda on the Today show occasionally, but had no idea how enthusiastic she is! Please ignore the random head in the picture above, lol. Hoda has this way of speaking where she is serious, but likes to have a fun time while sharing her story. I’d like to share some of what I thought were her most memorable quotes from today; some will be paraphrased as I cannot remember exactly:

1. Do what you love and try to get paid for it; then it isn’t work at all

2. Ask for something you want and think you deserve because the worst someone can say is no

3. You only need ONE person to believe in you, not everybody


When explaining quote number one, Hoda made sure to emphasize to do what YOU love to do. Don’t do something just because your parents tell you to or because your friends say it’s the smart choice. Pick something you are passionate about and then if you can make a living from that one thing, it isn’t work at all, but simply something you love doing.

Quote number two makes me have a sense of selfconfidence.  Asking questions is a part of life and if you can’t ask for anything, how can you expect to get anywhere or do anything you’ve ever dreamed of? The worst that can happen is that you have to keep on keeping on so that when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll be ready. We all deserve something great, but if you’re too timid or unsure of yourself to pursue that goal, nothing will ever happen.

The final quote was what inspired me the most. One person can change your life for the better. One person can take you to new heights that you never dreamed were possible. That one person is all you need to become whoever it is that you’re destined to become. Sure most of us just go through life as a people-pleaser, but how can you change the world if you’re always in agreement with everybody and never speak up? You don’t need to be the most popular person to become successful or have the most friends. Sometimes all it takes is that one influential and inspirational person to open new doors and help you get to where you belong. You just have to open your eyes and see your believer.