Day one kicked off by meeting some amazing kids from around the country. It was cool to learn a little bit about other high schoolers just like me and while we live in the same country, we have very different lives. But one thing is true that we all have similar interests in journalism and media and that’s what has brought us together to hear amazing speakers: the first being Tina Rosenberg.

Tina is a paving-the-way kind of person. She is the co-founder and is still actively involved in Solutions Journalism, which is something I had never heard of until today. It exists to help the world respond to social issues and how to help. Tina was a great speaker and although she did share some political views, it was not in an overbearing way and she certainly gave credit to the other party’s members. One question still remains, however.

Ms. Rosenberg mentioned that she was not a fan of president Clinton during his presidency because of his lack of response to helping poor countries cure their own AIDS epidemics. She said that the Clinton Administratin put too much pressure on these poor countries to make/buy/sell the drugs to cure the disease (I’m guessing to buy them from the US) so that Brazil was the only poor country to effectively help this cause. But now Ms. Rosenberg is in favor of the Clintons??? What changed in the Clinton Administration that led to your change in views Ms. Rosenberg? Certainly something that did not happen during the presidency of Bill Clinton, which can be argued as the most influential position in America and maybe even the world? And probably not some of the scandals now in question of Hillary? Yes I am aware that these are two different people that have different ideas in mind, but they certainly must influence each other and the rest of the world by their choices.